PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp

Each year we host the Time Out Camp which encourages all Australians living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and their families to develop friendships and build resilience and self-confidence all while gaining an understanding of PWS through education and support programs for Parents and Siblings (Carers) provided by professionals.

The camp’s primary purpose is to encourage inclusion for all by providing a range of activities and sessions for all ages. We encourage all families living with PWS from around Australia, to attend the camp as there is so much to be gained, by all members of the family, from the three-day event. 

Australian Residents living with PWS and their immediate family members may be eligible for NDIS funding to attend the PWSA Vic Time Out Camp and participate in the programs offered. To qualify, you must be able to demonstrate that the ‘programs provided‘ at the camp will be of benefit to the person living with PWS and their carers (parents and siblings) and should clearly be reflected in the goals you submit to the NDIA.