PWSA Vic Time Out Camp 2021

A collage of photos taken of participants at the previous PWSA Vic Time Out Camp, with Time Out Camp 2021 logo in the centre.

Camp Toolangi, September 25th 10am (Saturday) to September 28th (Tuesday) 

It seems like a lifetime since our community have been able to gather together, renew our friendships and meet new families. 

The PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp is like no other camp on offer. Whilst there are many camps available to children and adults through mainstream and special needs service providers, there is none that cater to the whole family.  

At the PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp, families are able to enjoy time out with their own family unit and adults with PWS are able to enjoy some time away in a safe environment that supports their needs, all while finding friendship, sharing laughter, feeling supported and understood from peers who are all experiencing the same challenges and understand the excitement of achievements that others don’t understand or appreciate.

Mixing with other families and individuals living with PWS is so rewarding for the children and adults with PWS, the siblings and the parents as we all have an understanding of how PWS can affect each other. 

Financial Assistance

We understand that not all families have received funding under their NDIS plan to enable them to attend the PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp, and although fees are subsidised this can still be a substantial cost for many. If you are a current member of the PWSA Victoria and have been since January 1st 2021 and experiencing financial difficulty, please contact Sarah Rees via email ( or telephone 0408 304 279.

After the year we have all had, everyone deserves some Time Out in a supportive environment and this is certainly the place to be able to do that.

Educational Speakers  

We have some educational guest speakers lined up for parents and Carers.  Carers Australia will be speaking to us about the new portal Carer gateway and their new offerings. They will also be providing information about Young Carers. Siblings who take on a caring role by just being part of the family are not necessarily primary Carers. Young Carers Victoria has programs for young people and many exciting benefits available. 

More speakers will be confirmed over the coming month.

AFL Grand final 

Due to COVID and the many postponemnets of the PWS Victoria Time Out Camp, we have had to reschedule the camp for the weekend of the AFL grand final this year. We understand this can be a big event for many and so the Saturday will be designed to give those who are interested in the game an opportunity to watch the match on the big screen.

PWS Connect Day – Footy Theme

Given that most of our members and volunteers will be at Camp Toolangi for the weekend of our September PWS Connect Day, we have decided to host our community day at Camp and we therefore encourage any members who aren’t at the camp to come along and celebrate Grand Final. This will be a footy themed day and we ask that you come bearing your teams’ colours and we will provide lunch on the day (Further details to be provided closer to the event)

This is also a great opportunity for those who are curious about the camp but not yet wanting to commit, to come along and see what all the fuss is about. Who knows, you may not want to leave!

Employed carers 

If you have organised a Carer to accompany an adult who attends the camp alone, PWSA Victoria will cover the cost of food and accommodation for that Carer. NDIS does not cover these costs. If you have an older teen under 18 who you wish to have assisted by a Carer, these costs will also be covered. However, the family or at least one member of the family must also attend the camp and as with the adults, the Carer must be organised utilising their own NDIS funding. 

There is a separate registration form for Carers, so, please do not include them in your family registration. 


Registrations are now open for the 2021 PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp, and you can register now using the following registration form:

If you have any questions? Feel free to contact us confidentially at 

For continued updates as the camp draws closer, please join the Facebook group: 2021 PWSA Victoria Time Out Camp 

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Article By Sarah Rees

Sarah lives in Geelong and her youngest son Jayden was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Sarah has been an active member of the Prader-Willi Syndrome community and holds a position on the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria Inc. board and holds the position of Vice President and Event Coordinator.