Life Members

The PWSA Victoria would like to acknowledge our new life members. This honour is bestowed upon the following members (noted below) as we recognise the exceptional, loyal and outstanding service provided to the members of the Prader-Willi Syndrome community. Their services have contributed to the advancement of those living with Prader-Willi Syndrome by furthering knowledge, expertise and being outstanding advocates. This is our way of showing our gratitude for the important contribution these members have made. 

  • Sally Smith
  • Beth Wilson and Ian Wilson (decd) 
  • David Hunt and Jenny Hunt 
  • Diane Barber and Bruce Barber 
  • Maureen Murphy and Jim Murphy (decd) 
  • Peter Tait and Pat Tait 
  • Dan Heffernan (decd) and Shirley Heffernan 
  • Marg Dickinson (decd) and Keith Dickinson (decd) 

Without the determination, passion, drive and enthusiasm of these members, the PWS Community would not have the support and resources that we have available today – So for that; we thank you!